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[ut_header align=”center” title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_accent_font_weight=”bold” title=”Manufactured Housing” lead_accent_color=”#151515″]We are currently looking for new agents who live in or near manufactured housing communities. If you are looking for a flexible sales position, give us a call today.[/ut_header]
[ut_service_column headline=”NO REAL ESTATE LICENSE” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-id-card”]If you sell mobile homes without land you do not need a real estate license. We will train you on what you need to know to begin listing and selling mobile homes. [/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”EXPERIENCE MATTERS” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-clock-o”]The Managing Broker has over 15 years of experience in manufactured housing, including sales, management and construction. [/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”WE PAY FOR ADVERTISING” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-usd”]We pay for all online marketing, and our Inventory Manager handles syndicating your listings to multiple websites. All you have to do is get listings and show homes. [/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”COMPUTER FRIENDLY” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-television”]If you are not computer savvy, don’t worry. We have streamlined the process and paperwork to assist you with every step. As long as you have an email account and can take photos with a camera, you are on your way.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”SET YOUR SCHEDULE” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-calendar”]Set your own schedule. Work part time or full time. We have agents that sell one a month, and we have agents that sell four a month.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”GRAPHICS” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-newspaper-o”]Our graphics team saves you money when designing or setting up marketing material for printing. If it’s an ad in a newsletter or a postcard mailing, our graphics department can assist you.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”NO SIGN UP FEE” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-credit-card”]No Sign Up Fee. Other Companies charge you to sign up. We would rather have you spend that money on promoting your business.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”NO NON COMPETE” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-users”]Other Companies make you sign a non compete. We don’t however once you experience the Sun Realty difference we feel you won’t want to leave.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”INVENTORY MANAGEMENT” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-newspaper-o”]We have an inventory manager who inputs your listings on all the websites for you so that you can spend more time assisting buyers and listings properties. [/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”LEAD DISTRIBUTION” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-handshake-o”]We qualify and distribute leads to our agents at no addition cost.[/ut_service_column]
[ut_service_column headline=”LEAD FOLLOW UP” headline_margin_bottom=”20px” icon=”fa fa-share”]We input our leads into our database and follow up with automated workflows to ensure constant communication. [/ut_service_column]


[ut_header style=”pt-style-4″ align=”center” title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”GET IN TOUCH WITH SUN REALTY”]We welcome you to contact us for more information
about joining our team.[/ut_header][ut_fancy_list list_align=”center” values=”%5B%7B%22icon%22%3A%22fa%20fa-phone%22%2C%22title%22%3A%22Phone%3A%20(813)” icon_color=”#151515″ text_color=”#151515″ icon_color_hover=”#151515″ text_color_hover=”rgba(21,21,21,0.5)”]